Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting up to date...

Sometimes I hear too much news. I am distressed by the "bomb of the day." Sometimes I need to take a break from all news, all the time.

It was pleasant to be able to sit on the porch. It was 76 degrees the other day. Today it reached 50+ and it is sunny!
The bunnies are six and a half weeks old! It's hard to imagine that they have gone from being itty-bitty pinkies to these adorable fluff-balls in only fifty days.

Color du jour is green. Not a bright or lime green, but a soft, all around green. The angora is of better quality than last year - now that I know more about the quality of angora. (Previous buyers, take note! It's even better now!)

The shawl is nearing completion. I so totally suck at lace design. I am still learning! However, when the lace shawl I am working on is knit from my own angora and silk and wool blend, any stupid combination of stitches seem to work. Just wait until next shawl! Shawls are so nice to knit as there is no corporeal body to fit and so gauge is not so important. And once it is knit and blocked, it is beautiful.

Eunny Jang has been appointed the new editor of Interweave Knits and I am so glad. The last issue was full of ugly and lame designs. Yes, bulky knits make me feel so thin! I have not renewed my subscription with them yet, but now I will. Eunny is technically and fashionably smart and I hope she does well.

So. I have been busy (yes - me!) carding and dyeing fiber. Not such a terrible chore. I totally love the feel of angora. This isn't work. I dye silk, angora and wool and then blend them on the drumcarder. Add some dyed silk and angora noils and one can spin a fine, yet gently textured yarn.

I've heard the following term several times lately, Living in Squalor. Where is this place? Is there a Squalor Holler? We had folks from Squalor living in our rental house last year. Not a good thing.

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shansays said...

My new rule of lace knitting. From here on out all my lace will be knit on at least 7's and with either Alpalca Suri, mohair or angora.

No more lace weight yarn, and no more tiny needles. If I am using something as small as 4's, I most be making socks!

BTW- the yarn harlot is in NYC on Friday. She certainly gets around:)