Sunday, April 15, 2007


Okay. Back from the first fiber festival of my year - The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana.

It went well, in spite of a bad start and a bad finish. The spirit of the alternator on the Mercedes departed my car about 5 miles from home Friday morning. Long story short, there was ONE alternator for my car in the greater Louisville Metro area. Sweetie collected said part and repaired said car. (It is never dumb to marry a mechanical kind of guy who has air tools.) My departure was several hours late and the only big deal was that I missed the opportunity to hang with Ms. Handbasket. (I want to thank her for the brilliant rabbit earrings, which I adore and wore.) Friends helped me set up and I was in business by four p.m. The weather was cool but sunny.

Not so much on Saturday. We awoke to rain and wind and upper thirty degree temperatures. It got worse. Starting about, oh, 2:30, we were alternately treated to either rain, snow, sleet and hail. Guaranteed to make shoppers want to venture forth. It wasn't so bad for the those in the Community Building or us in the Fiber Arts Building. It was crappy for those in the more exposed Sheep Barn.

But this IS Greencastle, after all, the first fiber festival for a lot of people in our part of the midwest. People will come. The roads were too warm to freeze so travel wasn't treacherous, not that that would stop some. Sales were good.

I took six of the older babies to sell. Down the river. Four went to live good lives with good people. The fiber sold well as did the knitting needles and dyes. I'll probably write more about that after I have time to digest the past two days.

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Helena Handbasket said...

I was damn sorry to miss you too, Darlin' and I do mean DAMN sorry. Car shit happens; I'm just glad you are safe. We can send back pics from the edge of the solar system taken by a flying tin can collage we lit a fire under and launched into space but we can't make a perpetual auto. Go figure.
I'm so glad you love the earrings. The second I saw the beads, I knew that I must make the Exalted Ms. Fuzzarelly something with them. Smooches, my Dear.