Monday, May 28, 2007

Slow Monday

Sweetie is back to work doing start up at the potato chip mines. We had a wonderful three day weekend.

Everyone around here had hoped for rain but we didn't get more than sprinkles last night. Today is cloudy and hazy and hot. I am, of course, sequestered inside with my best friend, Central Air.

I have some photos! The latest shawl has been blocked. I am quite pleased with it. I have begun spinning for the next one.

Here is the evidence that I have been actually working. (I know. It's hard to believe.) This is pink Fuzzarelly Fiber for the Hoosier Hills FiberArts Festival in Franklin, IN.

Some of you know that I enjoy finding unusual vinyl record albums. I love this one. You cannot make this stuff up. What were the producers thinking? This shows the back.
The front sports a bright pink price sticker from Walgreen's - 87 cents. What a bargain!


Helena Handbasket said...

Honey, if Bob Wyatt didn't know you, then his organ definitely wasn't happy.


Ooh, I love you, Miss Handbasket! What a nice thing to say.

Valerie said...

great shawl! great pink fiber! And what a HUAHAHAHAHAHA of a great album cover. That's hilarious -- and I needed the laugh.