Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hyena Yarn. What?

First, a shout out to Valerie at the Secret Yarninator. I have tried posting on your blog - but Blogger doesn't recognize me. Hi Blogger! Just wanted you to know that I am out here and appreciate your comments.

By the way, I've changed settings for my comments, now allowing anonymous ones, because Blogger and Goggle were not recognizing my friends. If you want to email me, either click the little envelop icon below this post or use this address: fuzzarelly at epowerc dot net

We got a little bit of rain Monday and Tuesday. Not enough - I'm hearing that we are something like 8 inches shy of our usual rainfall total for this time of year. Many of the weeds, such as plantains, are stressed and setting seed early, so pollen counts here in the Pollen Basket of the World are high. I am allergic in particular to plantain pollen.

It's a fine time to stay indoors and spin. Here is the new and improved shawl yarn. The color is a good likeness. And the coin is an american dime.

I have had people ask for more technical info concerning my spinning and knitting. The fiber is merino/angora/silk plied with cotton thread . The McMorran balance estimates it as 4000 yards per pound (250 per ounce) and wpi is 22-24. The skein shown weighs 1.3 ounces so I'm guessing that I have 325 yards to begin with. I am anxious to work with the drum carder again, especially with all the new "secrets" I've learned. I have used up all of the background merino from this dye lot, so the next skein will blend with, but not match, the first.

My camera is sucky. However, I am comfortable using it and actually, for most of my needs, it does okay. A nice close up capability would be nice, though.

Hyena rabbit. That's what this guy looks like, don'tcha think? The littlest babies all got a hair cut Sunday evening and I was tickled at the funny markings on them, down there at skin level. And bless the late Stubby's little heart - I saw one of his children by Bambi by the porch this morning. He's skittish, but from inside the house, I could see that his ears were truncated just like Stubby's. Bambi doesn't bolt when she sees us but she is wary. Bambi rejected both of her previous litters so I am surprised at this turn of events.I leave pellets and water for her and Ramsey on the front steps so they have some positive associations with us.


Helena Handbasket said...

Semi-Precious, the yarn is beautimous! And the little bunny is too.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, let's just try it and see if it lets me comment, as I see that it has once again forgotten me. Here goes...

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Henceforward, I'll just do "anonymous" & sign the damn things.
Nancy Neverswept

Valerie said...

I wonder why Blogger's giving you such trouble? Well, I think I can still post here :) Lovely yarn.