Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's hot and windy in Lovely LAconia today. Clouds have moved in during the afternoon, but no rain is expected until maybe tomorrow. Maybe. The farmers are worried.

One of the things I decided that would add some zip to my festival display was various and creative uses of my fiber. (Not everyone spins, dammit.) Last year at Maryland, I bought Carol Huber Cypher's book Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads, read quickly through it and promptly put it in the bookcase. Until this week.

I can't say I care for many of Carol's designs. The mere idea of wearing felt jewelry makes me sweat. Felt flowers for my hairdo, on the other hand, I could imagine. So I gathered the required bubble wrap, plastic, towels and soapy hot water, along with some pink, purple and green bits of wool and silk. The technique wasn't hard and thirty minutes later, I had this.

It was actually rather fun. It was nice to do something besides knit and spin. (I have been trying to work up to sewing some clothing for quite awhile since I still have 45 yards of silk noil waiting and much of my current wardrobe is strangely shrinking.)(Don't hold your breath.)

The spinning and knitting, by the way, of the current shawl is proceeding. This one is uncharacteristically monotone, at least once knit up. The original fiber was browns and pinks with dashes of gold, blue and purple. (I'm positive that the border will contrast.)

So anyway, as the one flower dried, I studied it and began mentally designing a myriad of others in fantastic shapes and colors. I make no promises, but if more do materialize, I will let you all know.

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jean said...

nice work, bunnywoman....great to talk to you at the Franklin sweatfest--hope to see you again sometime soon. am off to WI., CO., and Nebraska on Monday to fiberfests for Susan for a couple of weeks. will be in touch upon return, when I have recovered from it all.