Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scenic View

Took the Scenic View home from grocery shopping at the Kroger in Brandenburg, KY, which is actually closer to me than any store in Indiana, save our General Store.

One can see the Ohio River from here.

Also, the chemical plant in Kentucky. Nice.

I'm always amazed that huge bits of livestock stay behind little bits of wire. (Or wahr, if you're from here. As in Bob Wahr.)

When I take the back roads route, I remember why I like living here so much. (Sometimes all I can think about is how much I hate living in this hateful, close minded, close knit yet inbred part of the earth.) My camera skills cannot capture what my heart and brain sees - but I have tried. I am a sylvan person, not a water person. I love the trees and green fields and gently rolling hills and the big sky.

By the way, I DO try to practice gentle loving kindness. Really I do. Sometimes it is hard. Especially when certain ass wipes around here make it their personal mission to mess with me, follow me, and all around generally harass me. Not so much anymore since one of them pled guilty to assault last year and had a no contact ruling from the court, but the hostility is still so thick from them I can feel it. Just from them, though, as almost everyone else is nice and pleasant. (Unless it is their nature to be a dick. In that case, it isn't personal.) This shit, though, was personal. As an aside, I have just now weaned myself off of the Effexor, much as I love the medz. I mean, I have been taking various strengths of this aunty depressant/aunty anxiety drug for, what, four years (more?) (How long ago did the shit from those guys start?) I felt it was time to recapture some of my anger, piss and vinegar. It's time to wake up and be creative and driven. The only medz that I am taking now is the Preventafit for my menopause heat. I am hoping that soon I can be rid of that, too.

Yes, I have wanted to move. Desperately at times. But unfortunately, there are ass wipes everywhere and I do like the scenery here. Also, the house is paid for.


nancyneverswept said...

Wow. Today Blogger remembers me, and I don't need to re-register, yet again. And today I was willing to, if only to commend you on that really fine bull picture... I'm a fan of animal pix in general, but you captured the spirit of the beast in that one. Well done; and you a Pisces! Ol' Bob Wahr would be proud, too, as you captured that spirit well.
Having moved the last time because of the local ass wipes, I can understand your position; they are everywhere indeed. Courage & fortitude, my friend, is all I can wish you; and lots of that. And look forward to the weekend.

Valerie said...

It's nice to see all that pretty scenery, and to get a reminder as to why you live out there...

sorry I've been gone a while, and missed the rough patch with the bunnies last week. My belated sympathies. That's the hard stuff :(

Good luck with the med changes! I agree that piss and vinegar is important to one's identity, and it's good to be you for a while. Just perhaps not always easy. At least that's my experience.