Monday, June 04, 2007

We Back

It was a mixed weekend, a give and take, a ying and yang.

The festival was, for the second year, sparsely attended and many other vendors I spoke with, but not all, said that sales were meager. After my expenses of motel and gas, plus product cost, not including my time, I broke even.

On the plus side, my booth came with excellent lighting and it's own ceiling fan. I made new friends, bought sock yarn, made trades and came away with ideas to improve my presentation. I received pleasing comments about my fiber and the two shawls that I was able to display on the clean white walls.

Considering that I had not worked hard in the preceding weeks to prepare, and that I had miscalculated the date, the fact that I got my shit together and made it there at all is remarkable.

By way of cookie magic, I discovered that my blog has been nominated for best knitting blog name, by whom, I do not know and actually, for what purpose, I do not know.

But it is still cool.


Lynn Hanna said...

I'm glad it's official - when you turn your awesome mind to words, you slay us. Congratulations on your nomination! (Now, could you please tell me why I cannot comment without exposing my true identity! You know how I hate to expose myself!)


Thank you, ma'am!

Sometimes Google and Blogger fail to recognize me! Just yesterday I had to go through the rigamarole of creating a new password, which was the same as it has always been. I had to comment on another's blog and couldn't.

Anyhoo, Blogger calls it a known issue and is working in it.

nancyneverswept said...

I really am glad to hear that it's a "known issue" and is being worked on. It is an awful pain to need to re-register every time I want to comment because it has forgotten me!
But, glad to hear that the weekend was not a complete flop.