Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aptly named...

Poor Anna Nicole. She's a rabbit disaster-magnet if I've ever seen one. There's been the usual stuff like ear mites and fur mites, but she also has one clouded eye (obtained after leaping to freedom from her cage.) She had the maggot episode last summer and a bot fly episode this summer, and two litters with no survivors. Oh yes, and the horrible sore hocks last fall that grossed me out so much that I couldn't write about it.

Anna had been living on the front porch, caged, for quite awhile with Nicky and Spike. Because of the heat, I moved all of them to the back yard the other day.

This morning, she kindled 5 babies - one of which was viable on discovery. In fact, he was crying and screaming, cold and covered in mud.

How did this happen? Who knows, except that at some point, for a few seconds, she hooked with some guy. Maybe Stubby? Her last litter lived for three weeks but failed to thrive, so I have no great hopes for this little guy. I'll do what I can for him. It's bittersweet.

Shawl knitting continues. My gauge is off, too big, but it is lace after all. Look at Jean's Knitting Blog. Her melon shawl is smaller than gauge.

Knitting, and a little spinning, is all I seem able to do this week. The great Energy Burst of last week has dissipated as the allergy sickness and asthma have returned with the higher humidity. Ugh.

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Yoshimi said...

I'm so glad that my blog shares it's name with a bunny! do you sell the fibre from your rabbits, as I would be in 7th heaven spinning "yoshimi" yarn :D