Thursday, July 19, 2007

The damn shawl... done, blocked and everything.

Finished size is 52" x 20", enough to cover the shoulders and upper arms. The border turned out moderately well; I'd grade my effort a C+. If I were to knit this pattern again, I would be sure to have enough yarn to make it longer, at least 60". Also, on the border, I would have slipped the first stitch on each outside edge. Lastly, there are too many border repeats on the short ends, so I would reduce that number. (It only makes sense as there are fewer stitches vertically than horizontially.) Live and learn.

I had never made a shawl like this before, rectangular with a knitted on border. I rather like three sided ones, round and square ones made from the center out. These all can make good use of color changes. The first type, not so much. I have spun a half ounce already of hot pink Fuzzarelly Fiber, merino/angora/silk. Not to beat my own horn, but this stuff is so easy to spin and to spin fine, at that.

Socks are what I will make next, though. I need to make something small and I'll use Trekking XXL in a pretty self striping pink and grey. I plan to use a tubular cast on this time, as I found this tutorial online. Looks easy enough.

Today, I had my first real guitar lesson. I practiced diligently during the winter and early spring and then...I lost focus. Also, my calluses. The teacher has experience in all genres of music and likes to teach each student what that student wants to learn. Me, I'm of the garage band/front porch type, so I have my three chords in 3/4 time to work on for next week.

I am guarded as to the prospects of the baby. Nothing I can put my finger on - just a feeling. He's eating and all that. Mother's milk is drying up so I am supplementing with goat milk. I also let him out of his plastic tub for a constitutional after meals. Buster, as usual, is on duty.

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Valerie said...

It *looks* good, though. I guess you could use it as a table covering if it's too small to use as a shawl, though I guess that would also mean having a slightly more frou-frou house than I do... though I've used a couple of my great-grandmother's lovely crocheted doilies as antimacassars on the cheetah-print chairs.

Good luck with the guitar lessons! (I can't play guitar anymore since an auto accident destroyed a passel of nerves in my arm, but I was always a poor player, so this may be the best thing for the world.)

Crossed fingers for the baby. He's had a tough run but good care, thanks to you.