Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For me, the worst part of the colonoscopy (aka The Roto-Rooter Special) came the day before, when I had to drink 4 liters of a purgative, 8 ounces every 15 minutes until done. It didn't taste too awful, but it seemed heavy and thick and it was hard going sometime to get it down.

The second worst thing was having to be at the hospital at 7 damn o'clock. In the morning.

I remember being wheeled into the operating room, greeting the doctor, being told that I could watch the whole thing on the TV. Fade to black. Two hours later, the nurse is trying to get me to stay awake. "Honey," she said, "You're going to have to get up soon to go home." My reply was to snuggle deeper into the cot. Get me up, they did, though, and Sweetie drove me home. For a nap.

Nothing was painful, even though one polyp was found and removed. (Because of that, I get to go through this again in two years, not ten. Lucky me!) So, if you are due for this procedure, let me say that it is nothing to dread.

As if that wasn't enough for one day, we drove to the Kentucky State Fair grounds to pick up my entries. Actual ribbon count was 4 red/second, one white/third, and one pink/fourth. All of the skeins were critiqued, which was nice and I wish that were done for all entries. On every one of my skeins, though, my singles were said to be uneven although the plied yarn was balanced. The merino was spun and plied with too much twist, although it was "nicely balanced."

So. I see what I need to work on.

Sweetie goes back to work today after having a week and a half vacation. He also celebrated his 45th birthday last week. He's such a kid! It was a pleasure to have him home but I won't mind having my evenings to myself again.

I've begun a pair of socks out of Opal in an interesting purple and white print. The resulting pattern is a subtuttle swirl of solid purple and heathered purple. I had planned to make the heel and toe from some pink but now I'm thinking of using the overtwisted merino. Maybe dyeing it. Red?


Anonymous said...

Warning: rant coming. I have real problems with people (judges) saying that a particular yarn is either over- or under-twisted. With respect to what? Possibly that's the way I designed it, given its particular end use! Maybe I wanted a lot of twist, for better wear on socks. Maybe I wanted an unbalanced yarn for weaving, because I like the look of tracking in my finished woven article. In the absence of published criteria, stating that a yarn MUST be balanced, with a certain angle of twist or ply, such criticisms are meaningless. I hope you don't change your spinning based on those comments, as I find your finished articles just fabulous. Okay, somebody help me down off this soapbox. Thank you.
Nancy Neverswept

Harry Hall said...

Would the overtwist make for better undergaements?or would they tend to ride up