Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For Buster lovers everywhere, here he is with our new couch rat, Claudia.

The deposition went okay, although I did have bunny anxiety dreams again last night. (Little bunny feet rotting off from being in the rain and mud for three days.) (My mind has some sick alcoves.)

I truthfully answered all the questions, even if that meant saying "I don't know" or "I don't remember." Hey, if it's good enough for Alberto Gonzales, it's good enough for me.

I did succeed in pissing off the evil lawyer at least twice but I kept my wise ass in the barn most of the time. He asked me what J. and B. were thinking/meaning/whatever five or six years ago, and I replied "My suggestion to you is that you ask J. and B. for that answer." He got livid! And sarcastic! Nice. I love making a man lose control.

The other time was when he tried to pronounce a town resident's name, unsuccessfully. He said that he never could get "those Slavic names right." I piped up and said that the name was Estonian. Later, after a break (this thing went on for TWO FREAKING HOURS) he had to say that he had it on good authority that Estonia was Slavic. What did he do? Email his secretary to get that answer? He's still wrong because Estonia is mostly Finnish and not Slavic. It's these little things that make me fiendishly happy.

I was also happy that his client had to pay for TWO HOURS+ of his lawyer's time. HA-ha.

I try not to be petty. Really and mostly I do. But this episode tested my patience and so I freely spent a few of my Karma Dollars.

On the knitting front, I got several rows of the shawl done during my questioning. My lawyer said he didn't care what I did as long as I paid attention. It's still not much to look at but I plan to put it on a string sometime soon for pictures and a good looksee.

Some of you may know that I once had a brinks'n'mortar store. After I closed, several short lived enterprises occupied MY space. This spring, paper was again on the windows - Viola's Gallery was coming with art, antiques, and clothing. Who the hell is this Viola? The Bitch!

I broke down and stepped inside a couple of months ago, all ready to hate hate hate her and her little dog, too.

Know what? Deb is so nice. She and her daughter bought the building and renovated it themselves so perfectly! Everything they did, and what they sell, is what I had hoped to do - until my money and energy ran out. I visited several times and once I wore my little Barbie shoe earrings. When Deb saw them, she went wild and pleaded for me to make some for the store. So I have. I'll drop these three pair off today.

If any of you all want to contact me via email, try fuzzarelly at epowerc dot net


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a few of those Karmic-dollars-spending moments, too; malicious glee at the discomfiture of others... too much fun too NOT enjoy it! But the wise person does try to minimize it; good for you to recognize it.
And I also have always thought those Barbie-shoe earrings were just too-too. Nice you can get some real dollars for your good ideas!
Nancy Neverswept

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I seem to have mis-spelt one of my "too"s...

Yoshimi said...

There is nothing better the seeing fools make bigger fools of themselves! and if you can give them a helping hand along the way, your in +Karma dollars, because your are helping them to do what they fdo best...That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it:)

How's Yoshimi? someone contacted me the other day to say they have a Yoshimi Dog too, I might have to start a group!