Saturday, February 03, 2007

Flowering Bunnies

Mostly pictures tonight. Had a nice trip to Cincinnati Friday to the Art Museum. Also went to the Conservatory and was delighted by the spring flowers abloom.

Here I am as the non-hookah smoking caterpillar. I hate it when they clean up things for the kids. When I was a kid, I loved the dirty bits. Didn't you?

Precious has runts among the bigguns. She nibbled the ear off one of the little ones , but I think he will live. Does anyone besides me remember Matt Groening's cartoon strip called Life in Hell? And the mono-earred bunnies? Here is a shot of a biggun and the little one-earred runt. I hope he makes it. I mean, he looks healthy enough, but one never knows, having had an ear nibbled off and all.

Here is a shot of Kelly Bob's kids. One can see the different colored baby. Genetics are always of interest.

Addendum: The one-earred bunny is named Bongo, love child of Binky (and the cat, Hegla) and step child of Sheba. Life in Hell is still being published in numerous independent newpapers!


nancyneverswept said...

Your pix make me wish I had stayed for the Conservatory; alas for errands that needed to be run and the time crunch of making it home before dark, in case the driveway was impossible to ascend. There was a wonderful write-up today in the Lexington rag about the Wyeth exhibit that made me want to go back, so I guess another road trip is called for! Krohn Conservatory will have to happen then, too.

Valerie said...

What funny baby buns. I hope "Bongo" survives! (I loved "Life in Hell")