Monday, January 07, 2008

Remove from wrapper before cooking

This will be a disjointed yet rambling post; like most of my others.

It got up to 70 degrees today - January 7. Atlanta weather. Used to, armadillos were rare in southern Georgia and last summer I saw one as road kill just south of Nashville, Tennessee. I've never seen a live one. If I did, it would most likely freak me out - like ant eaters do. How long will it be before fire ants are here? And those huge palmetto bugs that are the size of shetland ponies.

I've been feeling good lately and my sense of smell came back today! (The last smell phase only lasted for a week.) I love the smell of the barn, the hay and the bunny poop. Bunny poop doesn't smell bad, but bunny pee can make one's eyes water. My eyes don't water, but it is almost time to muck out the Aegean stables again. I can't do it, not with my allergies so I'll have to get the village idiot handyman guy who can shovel and tote heavy things and hammer nails and fix mufflers to help me.

Sweetie would do it, but he's been working hard, seven days a week. And it's winter, when all he can do is work. Any other time is spent sleeping. What can I say? He gives me his paycheck every week, so if he wants to sleep, then he can sleep. He doesn't fuss at me for being a layabout.

Or knitting socks for most of the day. The Annetrelac socks are coming right along.

Lastly, I caught Sheila rearranging my sheets and pillows this morning. She's so funny - she doesn't pee or poop on the bed (which is notable) and she doesn't tear anything but she grabs the sheet in her mouth and tosses it around. Along with the quilt, the sheepskin, and the pillows. Crazy demon child.

Buster wanted to show off his noble profile.


Knitting Linguist said...

Great pictures! Your pup does indeed look noble :) The socks are looking lovely, too.

Helena Handbasket said...

Aren't Sheila & Buster just the sweetest babies!