Monday, March 24, 2008

MI, 10 Cent Refund

I now have to admit that Claudia, the netherland dwarf female that I was "gifted" with last year has had babies and the horn dog called Percival is the daddy. They are dwarves with angora tendencies. I feel like Dr. Moreau, creating these mutants. No, I didn't really create them, but I allowed the procreation to happen, and so am culpable.

Four little dwarf babies. Two are "tawny" and two are grey and white, like their ma. They are three weeks old and driving mom nuts. Saw her nursing and she had to stand on her tippy toes to accommodate them all. Last week, Randy Bob's two girls came to visit and of course were captivated by the tiny fur balls.

Here is Olivia.

And Morgan.

The inside kids are still inside - but on nice days, they are outside helping to keep the grass and weeds in check. As is Winehouse, Amy. I know, I know. I need to get that big cage fixed for them, but neither Sweetie or I really want to see them go to the barn. We are not farmers. We are hopeless, and poor, romantics.

Yes, Knitting Linguist, I did carry Murgy around a lot, but he could motivate pretty good on his own, using his front stumps in a sort of swimming motion.

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Valerie said...

SERIOUS bunny and little girl cuteness! Those girls look pretty happy holding those tiny buns. You can hear a big "awwwwwww..." echoing at you all the way from California :)