Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Admission

The Fiber Event at Greencastle was the bomb! My friends Blue Acorn and Hippie Art Chick and I were lucky enough to get three booths together in a row. And so a mini-mall was created, with all of our wares scattered throughout.

Blue Acorn had bunches of hand dyed yarn, and kits for hats, sweaters, and vests. How she does all this and works a full-time job absolutely amazes me.

Hippie Art Chick is a multi-tasker. She displayed rug hooking patterns and wool, hand dyed yarn, hand spun yarn, and spinning fiber. She acted for the most part as our cashier and money manager, too.

Victoria of Fiber eXchange Guild, wore this wonderful hat that she knit. The silver beads were strung on thread and plied with the wool. Very cool.

I had my Fuzzarelly Fiber, five baby bunnies, knitting needles, and maybe 7 hanks of handspun angora. Bringing the yarn was a last minute choice and I put a high price on it. I charged a dime a yard plus the cost of fiber, so there was a skein that was priced at $82, another at $70 something, and others a bit less.

We all did well. The business was steady throughout Friday and Saturday. The mini mall concept worked to everyone's benefit.

And most of my handspun sold! Goodgodalmighty! I was dumbfounded and thrilled. Ya never know what will strike a person's fancy.

Three babies went to good homes, the other two are in the barn. We are also keeping one of the torties (sp?) since it looks so much like its daddy, and also has Percival's sweet personality. I am delighted to get the almost grown darlings out of the house. So now, there is Heizen, Sheila, and NoName and the four dwarf babies, who are in a cage. Oh, and Winehouse. Only eight inside now.

I found this sign in our building. What kind of party did they have?


Knitting Linguist said...

I'm very amused by the sign! I may have to post something like that on my office door, just for fun :) I'm so glad everything went well -- it looks like it was great fun!

Mouse said...

Congrats on having a great show! I guess they had a good time in the goat barn huh? At least it didn't say "no beer in the goat barn please".. lol.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fiber display! And it was visited by discriminating knitters who will enjoy every inch of their purchase as it flows through their needles! Ahhhh. You make the world a happier (hoppier?) place.


Valerie said...

I'm so glad it went well for you! No surprise to me that folks will pay a premium for your handspun. I'm glad you brought it. And what a pretty fiber display. I love your sense of color, as always.

shansays said...

Wow, looks like a lot of work, and a lot of fun. I am back in NYC.