Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How to Hold a Plectrum

Okay. Hey, you all. Hi.

Working hard to get ready for Greencastle, aka The Fiber Event. Here is some fiber....

.....ready to be made into batts.

I am so ahead with most things that I am trying not to get freaked out by trying to do more. You know how it goes, if you are ahead, you'll find a dozen of other things you could do to make your booth better. At some point, you gotta quit.

I am trying to make more fiber instead of fretting.

I have a lot of pictures, just none of the forsythia (Sorry, Valerie!) that I am seeing everywhere. I love forsythia even though blooms only 1/26th of the year. If the frost doesn't get it.

This respiratory infection of mine is in its eleventh week. I've gone through the snot bucket stage, the strep throat phase, etc. etc. and am now still in the coughing up a lung stage. It has been a wet winter and spring. (Just heard that this area has received nine inches more rain that usual for the year.) I have done the antirobitics and other, more "natural" remedies. I can talk and I feel generally well. The cough I just deal with.

A respiratory infection has invaded the bunny barn. The lovely and delightful Anna Nicole passed away last week. She was one of Fuzzarelly's daughters and was four years old. And now, horrors, Fuzzarelly herself has become ill. I brought her to the front porch and have given her the first penicillin injection. I don't know if it has been the wet and dreary winter or what but something has been hard on them, out there in the barn.

The longer one raises bunnies, the smarter one becomes. One learns about the sadness.

Here is Wednesday, who is almost tame. Don't know if it is a boy or girl, but its coat is so soft! Thank you, Percival! You horn dog.

Floppy, his mom, has been in the back enclosure and, since every other bunny in the world (except maybe Bambi) can fit themselves under the fence back there, she is about to kindle. Make babies. Hoosier daddy?

And out front, on good days, are Sheila's babies. They are nine weeks old!


zippiknits said...

Sorry about your bunny. And her mom is sick now and you are still sick.. Gah! Where does it end???!!

Pasteurella is a nasty, nasty thing. Penicillin should nail it but it can take a toll. Good luck on getting everyone well and fit again, including you! It's been a nasty winter this one, wet, windy and switchy weather. Not good. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Valerie said...

Ugh, GERMS! I understand that problem all too well. May the antibiotics do their thing on poor Fuzzarelly, and may you and me both feel better.

On the plus side, that fiber is gorgeous!

And the bunny babes are, well, adorable.