Monday, April 21, 2008

We're Sorry for the Inconvenience

Wowee. Just made a frantic, yet surprisingly subdued and non-panic-filled, drive home from errands. I usually keep my albuteral enhaler in my purse or my pants pocket. Not today! I forgot! Crap on a stick!

A quarter of the way home, I began to cough and then, of course, panic set in when I became unable to draw a breath. (Breathing is kind of important.) I had, in the bottom of my purse, an Epi-Pen, (from the shrimp episode) and that was why I made it home in one piece. One breathing piece, even.

Lesson learned! Check for "Binkie" before leaving the driveway. And get a new Epi-Pen.

My brain has not been in blog mood this past week. Don't know why exactly, except that I crashed for a day (or two) after Greencastle, then commenced on the chores that have gone neglected as I cranked away at the drumcarder for the past several weeks.

All but one of Sheila's babies are either sold or are in the barn. We are keeping the newly-named Sugar in the house for the time being. However, if Sugar keeps misbehaving, it'll be The Barn for him, too.

Sheila, who may be pregnant after a few hours spent outside two weeks ago, has again begun building the Nest to End All Nests. She has found a washed fleece in my studio and has been dragging it, lock by lock, into a closet corner. Fine. Take it. When am I going to spin sheep wool again, anyway? And it isn't like I don't I have more.

Oh. I have also now taken four trips in six days to the metal recycling yards with my two buddies here....

They have made between them almost $800. I drive because the fellow in the red shirt has never had a driver's license and I don't trust know the other one enough to let him drive Zippy, Sweetie's favorite yard sale purchase ever. (1972 Chevy) They don't have a running truck between them.

What I get for my trouble (and gas money!) is a mucked out bunny barn! Well worth my time. Since I can't breathe well enough to tackle it myself.

This weekend, the crazy yet overactive neighbor was in town to work on the "summer cottage." Does anyone remember the old nursery rhyme:

Hark, Hark the dogs do bark
Beggars are coming to town.

Some in rags and some in dags
And some in velvet gown.

In other words, here be the non-Romany gypsies. One of them has a crack problem.

And last, the obligatory bunny shot. This is, from the bottom, Ramsey, Jackie Brown, and Bambi.


zippiknits said...

Well, darn! That was a close call on the errand running. Is there THAT much stress involved in your errands? Is it time to hire them out? Just joking, sort of, because I do know that this not being able to breathe thing is a VERY BIG DEAL, indeed.

A crack problem. I was looking at what seemed like a rash, and was thinking, is that how you can tell if someone is taking crack? Then it hit. LOL

Oooooo bunnies! Aren't they cute when they are nesting? We had unpregger rabbits that used to build nests anyway. Practice? Decoys?

Knitting Linguist said...

Did he know you were taking that picture?! (I always wonder if there's some kind of strange pride in the cracks of those who display them so openly, which is why I ask.) Congrats on the bunny barn, and on the continued drawing of breath (scary).