Thursday, May 29, 2008


Grumpy. That's me today. I am not usually grumpy, so today is notable.

On my to-do list was to vacuum and mop the kitchen and living room. Although the shop vac has sat idle for a year or more, I thought it might be the ideal appliance to suck up the voluminous amounts of bunny poop and wool that I am blessed with. And it was - until I opened the clean-out door for the chimney and summarily dealt with a peck of creosote. That was when I realized that there was no filter installed inside the shop vac. A gray haze floated about me, and a thin coat of gray soot appeared on every surface in the kitchen. Futhermucker!!!

So, okay. Take all of the equipment outside to rinse at the spigot.

While waiting for it to dry, I reckoned it would be a good time to clip a bunny or two. Kelly Bob was next on the list and she behaved very well, thank you.

Oscar Wilde Hare, on the other hand, was not so compliant. I once heard that if a rabbit breeder's arms aren't all scratched up, then they aren't doing it right.

I must be doing it right. (It looks worse in person.)

I then attempted to gather up Winehouse so she could be with her young'ns in the back yard and so enjoy all of nature's delights. The bitch bit me! I have learned, the hard way, not to instinctively pull my hand or arm away from a bunny bite, (it only makes matters worse) so I only have this momento. And it will leave a mark.

Several scratches, a bite, and a kitchen that needs a top to bottom. Damn right I'm grumpy!


Valerie said...

Craptastic! At least today is almost over -- it can't get any worse...

Knitting Linguist said...

Now that is just the definition of a bad day! I hope things are looking up... (I hate perma-scratches..)

zippiknits said...

Sheesh.. Those critters are vicious. We had a rabbit named, of all things, Angela. She was an attack rabbit. She bit me several times and kicked the stuffing out of my forearms and hands but she was such a good mother.. Ahem. I don't remember if we traded her or if she just up and died one day. Holland lops are not supposed to be that mean. *looks down at scarred hands*