Friday, May 23, 2008

Not for Resale

The sporadic blogging this week is because I have been fretting over a couple of things.

One thing happened on Wednesday whilst visiting friends Jerry and Jean. All of a sudden, my heart began beating fast, hard and loud, (loud to me anyway,) and for no apparent reason. It freaked me out because I firmly believe that hearts are important.

The really unnerving thing was that it didn't stop. Thirty minutes later, after drinking water and resting, it hadn't stopped.

Between my friends' house and my home is my doctor. Everyone took this slightly wild-eyed, yet strangely calm, woman seriously, and a time slot was found for me. At 4:30 in the afternoon. That is one of the really great things about living in a small and rural county. I have always been able to see the doc quickly without having to go to the urgent care facility or the hospital emergency room.

I wasn't able to see MY doctor, but I got to see A doctor, and he was A doctor that I knew because he's Sweetie's doctor.

Long story short, I had some blood work done and found that my cholesterol was higher than last time, had an EKG which was well within normal, and for 24 hours I wore a heart monitor. Just in case, since my mother's half-sister died of congestive heart failure at about the same age I am now. (The monitor was awful! At least the tape used to attach the five wire things. I have five angry pink areas on my refrigerator-white-bellyandchest-flesh.)

Yet, I am fine! Yay!!!

My other Fret Fest has been about this first Old Bardstown Fiber Festival this weekend in Bardstown, KY. I just have a bad feeling about this event , the details of which I won't spell out just in case I am wrong. (Except that I am particularly worried about their seeming lack of organization.) At least my friend Blue Acorn will be there, along with her strong son, He Who Can Tote Heavy Things. And I'll go because of Martha at The Weaver's Corner, who lives down in that neck of the woods, and who will also be there. You know, if it is a bad scene, I will just leave and come home to Sweetie who will have tomorrow off, and we'll eat pizza and watch DVDs.

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Anonymous said...

Smooches to your heart. I'm glad it behaved itself in front of the camera but that looming mortality thing is no fun. I'm grateful you have the Sweetie, DVD fallback although I'm jealous that you get to spend time with Remy.