Saturday, July 19, 2008

Enjoy Responsibly

Knitting news. This is the plain sock in leftovers. They have gone into The Drawer.

One of the slim features that I have on my body is my ankles and so I have come to prefer plain stockinette leg bits in my socks. Many patterns I see look chunky clunky. Even those great entrelac ones.

I am having a pleasant time working on this afghan made of 95% handspun. Garter stitch is easy and I am enjoying configuring the color blocks. Sweetie will be the beneficiary.

Brokeback Mama and assorted babies. All have been turned loose to roam in the kitchen. I thought the sight of the little wildie on her back was too sweet.

Have lost a couple - one wildie, two sheds, and one of Amy's. A cat killed one while they were outside in the corral and ran off with another. However, the one's left all look strong.


Knitting Linguist said...

I love the blanket! Is that your own handspun? I might have to do something like that with the little bits of handspun that I have that I can never figure out what to do with...

zippiknits said...

What adorable bunny shots, and I applaud your gentle, though dictatorial bunny holding picture decree. If you can't rule in your own kitchen, well, just where can you rule?

I like stockinette the best for socks, too, and I have fat ankles.