Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Patent Pending

Yeah, I'm alright. Just not much to say.

It is a beautiful for the first of July. Clean air, a few nice cumulus clouds in the blue sky along with seasonable temps and humidity.

Sweetie and I will celebrate our anniversary this Friday, the 4th - 15 years married and 17 years since we met. I believe that we love and need each other even more now than then and that's a good thing. All together now ----"Awwww!" Best thing is that Sweetie may even have the day off! For the first time in, in, in - in a loooong time.

Bunny Babies. We got 'em. Both Crazy Mama and her Crazy Daughter kindled last Wednesday, and there are five kits between them. (This was a Planned Pregnancy, with Grumpy Daddy as the sire.) Most of Daughter's kits did not survive, in fact, only one remains and his condition is still precarious. :-( Mama's four, on the other hand, are fat little things, doing very well. I'm thinking that Daughter will not be bred again.

Amy presented us with four youngins on Friday. One is black, two look mostly like her, and one is more unusual. He is white with many black markings, including a stripe down his back.

With Good Neighbor Nancy's help, most of the outdoor buns are thriving. Apparently, Jerry the Evil Neighbor "got rid of" Red the Bunny Killer last week, after Red bit Jerry. How? I don't know and I don't want to know. I do know that the yard buns are a lot more at ease now.

On the Knitting Front, the purple cashmere shawl is done but for the blocking. ! Being hexagonal makes the blocking process a tad more complicated. Pictures asap.


Mouse said...

*AWWWWWW* And hooray that the "bunny killer" is gone... hopefully he bit that guy in the butt.

zippiknits said...

I hope it was a tussle for his arm, myself. And yes, you don't want to know.

Grats on the bunnlets. About the daughter bunny... is the first litter sometimes iffy for a rabbit? I can't remember.

I am patiently awaiting pictures of the knitting. I can't complain because a knitting slump has struck me. Oh the pain of it all! ;)