Thursday, July 17, 2008

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When I post that I am okay, it is really code for "I am not really all that okay." It is partially the heat and stupi humidity, and partially just me being the psycho child that I am.

I am managing. Pulled out the bin of Handspun from Long Ago and am creating a crazy afghan using garter stitch. Nice and almost mindless knitting. The last pair of socks are done and I still have not blocked the shawl. Am of a mind to skip the state fair hoopla this year. Screw the blue ribbon.

The troubles and woes are about the bunnies. There are joys and happiness, too.

I have been reluctant to post about Amy Winehouse, who died of unknown causes (drug overdose? ha ha boo) just two days after delivering her litter of four. I didn't want her mom, Liz, to think badly of me, but Amy sure was happy outside and stayed close to the backdoor.

All of Crazy Daughter's kits died, but I was able to foster Amy's babies to her and they are doing fine. Here's three of them.

Early Sunday morning, I got a call from our rural letter carrier, saying that she had rescued 3 wild bunnies from a field she had mowed the previous day. Would I? Could I? Yes, bring them over.

And over the last couple of days, two of the neighborhood girls captured and delivered to me 6 baby bunnies from the shed area. No mom in sight. Not a good sign. One died but the rest seem to be fine. Here are three.

Crazy Mama has four healthy and huge youngins that will be three weeks old tomorrow. But she somehow broke her back two days ago and her rear end is now paralyzed. Crapcrapcrapcrap. On a stick.The kits are old enough to eat on their own, so at least that is not a problem. Mama eats and poops and drags herself around using her front paws, and so yesterday I put her and her kits out back in a corral. (Stop reading now if you are squeamish.) This morning, I found her awash in tiny maggots. Thousands of teeny tiny wormies. Doing my best to kill them all. It's like flies know a weak animal when they smell one and home in. I am always amazed at how quickly the fly larvae grow.

I researched mobility options for her online. Little carts are available for $300-400. Nuh uh. Sorry, but that is way out of my league. But I did find other people in the same boat that had made wheel chairs for their pets, so I am trying to come up with some sort of devise for her using Murgie's old harness and a cut down plastic vinegar jug. She appears okay with the contraption so far. Later today, I'll rework the design and put on a couple of wheels and an axle to help support her hind end and to give her greater maneuverability. She'll be a house bunny from now on.

Also, Bad Neighbor Jerry has been on my back again after I chastised his step-grandchild for chasing after the outside buns. The mother told me that she had specifically told her boys to leave them alone. She is fine with what I did, but Evil Neighbor - not so much. It is that kind of crap that makes me crazy.

Other news is that Sweetie's car tried to eat a deer about two weeks ago. Everyone survived, deer included, but when Sweetie ditched in avoidance, he incurred enough damage to his little Berretta to total it. Not that he had insurance to cover such a happenstance, but two different body shops quoted prices that were more than what was paid for the vehicle in the first place. There were 200,000 miles on the '96 car, so Sweetie got more than enough bang for his buck.

Sweetie works second shift and so drives home between midnight and one am, and there have been numerous close encounters with deer and drunks over the years. The drive goes by our county's casino (was Caesars, is now Horseshoe,) and has happened upon more than one head-on collision before the EMTs arrive. So. With that uppermost in our minds, we are about to buy him a Mercedes-Benz, too! A '92 in great condition, with 100,000 miles. 30 mpg, with ac, sunroof, and all the safety features that Mercedes are known for. At $4000, it's a little more than what we wanted to spend, but still an amazing deal. Sweetie spends two hours a day commuting and I personally believe this is a no brainer, even though it is not our nature to be at all extravagant or pretentious.

Here's a shout out to Knitting Linguist, Mouse, and Zippi. I have not responded to your comments, but thank you all for writing. And caring.


Anonymous said...

Well, now I am impressed; you'll be a 2-Mercedes family! That really does sound like the best idea, given the nature of the commute and the safety features of the car. Bravo for good, clear thinking! And good luck with the other stuff, too.
Nancy NeverSwept

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

I have just sent you a email showing a fairly inexpensive homemade sling for a buns. I do know all the work involved in caring for a paraplegic buns. I am sending you some good energy.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hey, we're here reading, so keep writing whenever you can :) I'm glad to hear that you found such a safe car for your guy's commutes -- it always feels so much better to know that there's something between them and whatever else is out there (says the woman whose husband is about start commuting by bike again...). I'm sorry about the bunny tragedies lately -- it's hard to handle all of that at once!!