Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do Not Get in Eyes

Livin' on the Edge. That's my Sweetie and me. We applied for our passport cards today at the County Clerk's Office. We were both over-prepared and nervous. I had to hit the rescuer enhaler.

I don't know why we were I was nervous, except that any official paperwork - the kind that has to be just so, last name first and all that - just freaks me out anymore. The clerk I dealt with knew me from when she worked at my bank. She lives within a mile of my house. Sweetie had his own clerk. (She didn't know him but was nice anyway.) Upshot? Nothing scary happened, and so if we do get to Canada in October, with these cards, the US will let us back in. Imagine!


Mouse said...

Hooray- Canada in October sounds wonderful! I'm prone to over-worry so I totally understand something like that being stressful!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, Canada! That's something to look forward to, and maybe worth dealing with paperwork (which I'm not overly fond of myself...).

zippiknits said...

I just can't believe we now need passports to come and go to Canada. It's just so.. Un American some how. Anyway, that aside, you will love being there in October.