Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Operators are Waiting to Take Your Money

How did I miss this? How did I miss Northern Exposure? Was it the same way I missed Twin Peaks and Picket Fences? Was it on Channel 3, the station that never comes in? Was I busy those nights?*

But due to the loving goodness of NetFlix, I have just watched the pilot and subsequent three episodes of Northern Exposure. Twice. I lurve John Corbin so much. At least his character as the uber-hipster. The guy who is so hip he doesn't even know how hip he is. The guy that looks like the young John Lennon. A guy I would kidnap and hold hostage because I love him so much. (I am so Lucy Butler.) I love Ed, too. And the Molly Ringwold-type chick. In a platonic way. And Joel the Jerk. And Hawling.(sp?) Yeah, he's nice.

I may just have to upgrade to the two, nay nay, to the three disc-at-a-time plan in order to see more of Cicely at one sitting.

Damn. I will have to wait for the back to heal because I want to knit something special during that marathon. Screw the Tour de Fleece. Screw the Knitting Olympics. Give me the Northern Exposure Knits and Purls! Fits and Hurls???

*Guess I was busy back in 1990. Working several jobs and being so totally clueless and miserable in a hateful marriage. (This was BS - Before Sweetie.) A so totally miserable time that it makes today's miserable seem like a walk in the park. Like, using dental instruments to clean out my sinuses compared to -- awww, I dropped my Blow Pop.

As for the TV show I worked on, from '91 to '93, I didn't even watch all of those episodes. Hmmmm. Wonder if NetFlix has I'll Fly Away?


Knitting Linguist said...

I adore Northern Exposure. I actually own the first season (and you're reminding me that it's time for a rewatch). That whole show made me happy. And Hollings is HOT.


And I had to stop and think about Why Hollings is hot. Average looks, great personality and all that. A nice, older guy. It must be the jeans and boots.

When Sweetie dons his blue jeans and wears his pointy toed, high heeled cowboy boots...


Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

This is so funny. I actually watched all the episodes of Nothern Exposure on TV. I adored that program. AND I just ordered the DVD from Netflix too. Great minds think along the same lines.