Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magical Misery Tour

Recent Life Update

My news junky brain has ODed on Wall Street and Sarah Palin. Feh! I'll tune in later in the week. (Tomorrow.) Sometimes, too much is too much. (Unlike opera where too much is generally just enough.)

I've tuned the radio away from NPR to guitar driven rock and roll, aka Little Steven's Underground Garage on Sirius. Loud. It is cathartic. Please, rock these blues away.

Spinning has happened! Don't think I have spun at home since last winter. I barely spin at the Friendship Spinners' meetings.

Okay, so if someone has already come up with this name for this blend, then I will be damned.

May I present Bunny and the Beast!


On the bobbin.

In the skein.

The beast is sheep, shetland in this case, although I was gifted with a bag o' white alpaca last month (thank you, Nurse Kelly!) and so it will also be beast in the future.

Found this catterpiggle on the front porch today. Wow.

Spot, the Magnificent!

Per the Deteriorata, I have the actual vinyl! National Lampoon Radio Dinner 1972. "Portions of this Record May Not Be Suitable for Air Play." I never listened to Dr. Demento, but I ate up the Lampoon.

Brother and Zippiknits, some things do change. Good or Bad? I think bad. There is a parody of Joan Baez singing what is euphemistically titled "Pull the Tregros." It is a comment on the white liberals folk music supporting the minorities. If I may, the lyrics start like this - Pull the triggers, N*ggers, We're with you all the way. (From across the bay.) Could this sort of parody pass muster today?

Nibbler, please join my world of the non-sequetors. Ten-four, Eleanor.

And although I totally love John Lennon, there is an hilarious spoof of him bashing Paul, George and Ringo for their bashing of Yoko. "Yoko is a Concept by which We Measure Our Pain." Gotta laugh. It was 1972, after all.

If pot is harmless, why do so many teeny boppers think Cheech and Chong are funny? And Nixon. Nixon running for President against a 1973 Pontiac.


zippiknits said...

Not with the N word in it. Unless it was a rapper. Maybe.. hmm? thinking about it....

You caught some heck from that hurricane! I had no idea you were in the way of it. Sheesh, color me clueless..

I've started having time to read blogs again after getting my head stuck in the political gears. What a grinder that is....

Lisa said...

I believe your smooshy green caterpiller will turn into a Cecropia moth. My son put one in a jar with sticks & such, it cocooned, and came out as a giant moth. I think it was the same kind of caterpiller.