Friday, September 19, 2008

Other Information

My life. So far.

I squish Buster's head.

Have cleaned up and made repairs due to Ike. Mostly and sorta.

Some folks in our county STILL have no power. How sucky is that? Our electric was back on after only fourteen hours.

As of this week, Fuzzarelly Fibers is a bony fide bidness.

As of today, Arts & Artisans is A) a relic 2) a dinosaur &) a has been. Dat bidness be daid. Long lib da bidness.

And I would have processed two bushels of apples I picked up.

But until this cut heals for another day or two, I am standing clear of big pans of boiling water. Also: sharp knives.

I finished, from Bunny and the Beast, a pair of much-needed barn mitts.


Valerie said...

"I'm crushing your head!"
Hee hee.

The barn mitts look great and SO SOFT. I sure wish I wasn't allergic to angora.

Heal fast, finger! owie!

Mouse said...

Gorgeous gloves.. is that your handspun? I've got your batts sitting here waiting on me to get a free bobbin.. my son already called 'dibs' on that orange batt!

Helena Handbasket said...

Well look at you, ya whirlin' dervish. Color me so proud.

zippiknits said...

OUCH! Hope that finger heals up fast. Where you distracted in the kitchen?

Love the warmers. and the yarns you spun. Isn't spinning the most peaceful thing?

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Absolutely love the roving! Especially that it is made with Shetland (my kinda sheep). The yarn is fabulouso. I recently spun up the 'pumpkin and cinnamon" you gifted me when we picked up the loom and it is just gorgeous. I want more. Can I buy some more?

About those spiders: feed them to the bats!