Monday, October 27, 2008

Combine All Ingredients

Hey, kidneys -

Do you have a slow cooker, aka crock pot? I think we got ours from my in-laws, and I didn't use it much at all. But, here is a great site to explore. I found an excellent recipe called Italian Chicken Lentil Soup there, which uses chicken thighs. Delish!

I also place the de-boned bones and skins, with a carrot and onion, back into the crock pot afterwards, with several cups o' water and cook them overnight on low. The result, once strained, is a rich broth that I either use right away or freeze.

One other thing that I have started doing is to cook twice the amount of rice that I need and then I freeze the rest. That way, when I make Sweetie's lunch, I can include a nice bowl of rice with some sauteed vegetables.

Yes, I do make Sweetie a lunch (actually supper, since he works second shift,) almost every day. I try to make it healthy by including some sort of calcium, something green or orange, some protein, and a quick burning carb. And a fruit for dessert.

Here is an article that defines those Republican phrases such as Muslim Socialist.

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Knitting Linguist said...

Mmmm... I wish you were packing my lunches!