Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The 4th annual Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival was a blast! My booth was busy all day and I sold three bunnies in addition to lots o' Bunny & the Beast. Also knitting needles. The weather was beautiful.

I didn't have time (or inclination) to shop, but there were many, many booths not only from our own state, but from Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, too. There was music, workshops, real rest rooms, animals, and all kinds of fibery stuff. A real class affair. Kudos to Victoria! Sweetie and Helena Handbasket were there, too.

It's always hard for me to sell some of my buns, and I was sad to see their empty cages that night, but all three went to great homes.

To compensate for their loss, I am delighted to say that two of the feral angoras have been live trapped and are now exploring inside the house. Here's the first guy.

Notice his "sleepy" eyes - just like Percival, who happens to be his grandfather. The baby has the dark nose of Jackie Brown, his mom. Just caught the other one this afternoon. Same fuzziness, different nose. They are co-habitating with Ramsey's sole surviving kit. Damn, I'm glad I got him inside before the evil cat did.


Mouse said...

*squishes bunny* Your new batts look absolutely GORGEOUS!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the color of that bunny! Sort of apricot-y -- and the colors of your batts are gorgeous :)

zippiknits said...

Those are beautiful batts. And the color of the feral angora is Golden, yes? Oh maybe apricot. Forgot about the Apricots even though I owned one. lol

Jazz is like an little golden bear to hold.

Thanks for your lively blog. I'm not sure what the atom does but it should work. If there's a choice, go for the "23".

Helena Handbasket said...

That day was lovely in every possible way.
You're a gem.