Friday, October 31, 2008

Shake Well

New bunnies! I actually paid real cash money for a pair of forlorn bunnies the other day. Nice lady with no clue as to how to cut an angora's wool. Here is the male before.

And after.

Both are sweet, well fed, and not mistreated, except for the matted wool thing.

Also bought a basket of local, home-grown 'taters last week, and found this fabulous Goddess Potato. Front.

And back.

This links to a Hero Bunny story from Australia.


WoolyWorm said...

Hi, Nancy! I love the story of the bunny saving the people from the fire. Looks like you did a good job of saving your new bunny from his bad hair day.

Did you buy the bunnies at the ARBA convention? I went on Monday and bought a black satin doe from Joan Hastings. A woman named Cindy (I think) had several BEW angoras that were a total matted mess. I was just curious as to whether you had bought one of them.

I see that Fuzzarelly roving is being sold at the Spinning Bunny. Did Susan tell you how she rediscovered you? She and I correspond a little and on her blog she noted that she was spinning with this fabulous roving and was running out and couldn't remember the name. She kept coming up with permutations of the name that sounded a little like Fuzzarelly, so I suggested that it might be you and gave her your web site address. Lo and behold, it was! Small world, huh?

I've got some of your lovely roving in my stash waiting for a special project. I got it last year at the Christmas retreat at Shakertown. Hope I'll see you there again this year ... that's about the only meeting I ever make, but I do enjoy it at lot.

Hope all is well at your house.

Penny Landen

Knitting Linguist said...

OMG. I adore the goddess potato! I've got a little goddess just like that on my kitchen windowsill :) And I'm glad the bunnies have found a good home...

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

That Goddess Potato is fabulous! It should be on the news. Can you see the headline? Miracle goddess potato heals all wounds! You could charge admission. I'd be first in line!

Love the new bunnies too!