Friday, October 10, 2008

The Unrated Version

Hello, Chitlin's - I be back and all that.

We never did get to Canada, even though right now seems like the perfect time for a getaway. After Sweetie spent a week at his mother's house in north Georgia, he really just wanted to stay home for the rest of his vacation. Also, the money thing. We don't have much to spare, what with cheese at $6 a pound and all.

I listen to too much news, although I do divert some mental attention to guitar and drum driven rockyroll. (Played loudly. It is a form of therapy and it works!) What the goddam hell is wrong with people? Worldwide financial meltdown, give me a break. McCain and Quaylin - shoot me now. Interesting times. Hard on the psyche.


I have had access to a Patrick Green Supercarder (thanx to Lynne and Amanda) for almost a week and now Fuzzarelly Fibers has achieved a whole new level of wonderfulness. I'm almost embarrassed to claim my older stuff, made on a hand cranked Louet carder. I can take those old batts, run them through the PGS, and they are suddenly made twelve times more beautiful. So, I've done that - mixing things up, added things in, and then ---tada!-- I made them less expensive! Plus, there are other, newer blends available. Better and cheaper! Please buy! Mmmmm ---Bunny and the Beast.

The Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival is next weekend in Corydon, Indiana. There will be 65+ vendors. Admission and parking are free. What better time to cocoon and knit? Or spin. I will be offering my new fibers plus one used Louet carder and a Louet Victoria. I really need to sell the equipment because I want a Supercarder to call my own, even though it costs more than each of our cars.

Bunny news.

The wildie scooted out under the back door to "freedom" three weeks ago and has not been seen since. To take its place is one of Ramsey's kits that I captured. He's a light brown and skittish. Maybe 7 weeks old now. All the others seem to have vanished. Evil kitty.

Good Neighbor Nancy is in sorta custody of three wild angora babies whose captive grand dad was Percival. (Late and lamented. He was taken this summer, in the night by a local dog, from the corral in our front yard.)

Not a lot of good news to report, although it has been swell to have Sweetie home. Well, and the Supercarder.


Mousie said...

For about fifteen seconds I almost got angry with you for being in North Georgia and not bringing me a
I really need to drag myself away from the computer & MSNBC on the tv and make a blog post about your awesome batts..
Those two nit-wits (McC/P) are so awful that even my politics hating husband will be voting Obama this year.

zippiknits said...

Welcome home Fuzzarelly.. :-)

I peeked at your .com. Love you yarns here but couldn't see them there, for probably lack of attention to detail. hehe.

Also, I agree that we have something nasty going on in our country, all the hate mongering from those two twits that pass as a Pres/VP team on the Rep ticket. Sheesh!

We are holding tight on the financial reins here, too. Eat, pay the utilities, read and knit. No cheese eating, though. Gad, what prices!

Glad you liked the little tort babies. It was a shock that they were even caught! They are wiley rascals, like the adorable bunnies you try to catch.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, new fiber tools -- very nice. The fiber is looking gorgeous; I bet folks at the show will snap it up :) I'm with you on the scary stuff going on out there...