Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bring to a Boil Sowly

WoolyWorm, (where is your web site?) I purchased the new bunnies from from a local woman that I met at the Corydon Fiber Festival.

None of my bunnies have "papers," and have never worried about it. I breed my babies for wool first and then temperament. I have, in the past, bought two rabbits that were registered and they turned out to be big disappointments. One had crappy wool and was a total psycho and the other grew up to be small, yet sweet guy, who had limited wool output. I say, "Fuck the so called papered pedigreed lapine." Yet, I did tend these two guys. It's not their fault.

I thank you for sending Susan at the Spinning Bunny my way! It has turned out to be a good deal for everyone involved. She has just received 48, one ounce batts from Fuzzarelly, and I trust some of them will turn up on her website.

Thank you, Luna and Knitting Linguist, for your Goddess comments. I think the potato is wonderful and wish I could preserve her somehow. Any ideas?

The previous post was about five abandoned horses. Four of them still live and are being well cared for. It seems that some people cannot afford to feed these long-lived creatures, and so drop them off in rural areas. I despair when when I hear these stories. I cannot take on caring for a horse, but I can help feed one.

If you can give a little bit to just buy them hay, please do it. I gave $25 via PayPal.


Knitting Linguist said...

Potato preservation, eh? Shellack? Hmmm... Maybe I should just keep an eye out for a goddess like mine for your windowsill.

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

floating in a formaldahyde jar?