Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Colors may fade.

Even though I have identified myself as a democrat all my life, I do not hate republicans. Sweetie was a republican when I met him. He had voted for Reagan in '80 and '84. I didn't vote at all until '92. He was also younger than me, had short hair, and was ex-military. Anathema!

Sometimes I wonder why I am a democrat. I don't remember my parents voting at all. I do recall some literature that was sent home with us from church, I think the group was called SECUS or something like that. Very radically conservative, practically equated sex education with devil worship. Even at the time, I thought it was a lot of boloney.

I remember Bobby Kennedy's 1968 visit to my hometown in Indiana, via train. He was on his way to California that summer. His train went past my house. And even though I was only 11, in my heart and soul, I knew that he should be our leader.

1968 was a hard year for me.

But anyway. I loved Sweetie in spite of his politics. He has voted democrat since 1992, bless his heart. This is not my party, he said of Bush I and II. The republicans have caved in to the religious right. Where is the fiscal responsibility? Where is the small government? Where is the non-interference in private life? Where are the Real Republicans?

I don't love all democrats, because some of them are greedy and evil. Power does corrupt. I admit that. But, to me, a democrat means looking out for the little guy. The poor and weak. Us. Being a democrat means that we help each other. To me, I have always thought that being a republican meant looking out for #1. Exploiting the stupid sucker that didn't know any better. Where's the love?


Knitting Linguist said...

Right or wrong, that's certainly how I tend to boil down the fundamental stances of the two parties myself. Hooray for the little people!!

Helena Handbasket said...

I know where the love it -- it's from me to you.

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

More love comin at ya!