Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do Not Remove Tag

It was below 32 degrees last night, cold enough that the barn bunnies' water was frozen this morning. Guess summer is over. Ya think? About freaking time.

Frozen bunny bottles is never way-loads-o'-fun. Sometimes, I have enough bottles to fill them all inside and then merely replace the frozen ones. And other times, I don't. And that means bringing in frozen bottles, thawing them out, refilling, then taking the bucket o' bottles back to the barn. It usually takes two trips to get everybody taken care of. It also means that I get my exercise. So not is all bad.

All of the buns are handling the colder temperatures well. Even the lovely Ginger, whom I clipt on Monday. I am making a conscious effort to keep their quarters clean and free from ammonia fumes. Now that my asthma is under control and I can actually sweep and shovel without keeling over.

Did I report that I bred Virginia to Walter, my new couple? Ginnie is obviously pregnant. She and Walter are a cute couple. They snuggle, lick, and otherwise get along.

Heizen is exceedingly jealous of other house bunnies, as a rule. However, we have moved his usual abode (litterbox) from the kitchen to the pantry and so, he seems not totally pissed that this couple is in the living room. In a cage. Also, there is now no rug in the living room for him to piss on. So, as long as the Heizen is happy, we are happy.

I am still awork at the new afghan. Although I did rip out all the connective tissue this morning. I wasn't happy at all with the technique I was using. So much for being free from the tyranny of the square! More when I can take photos.


Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

I remember SmokeyBlue's first real shed. I combed him out and all he had was some bits of hair over his skin. That night it went down to 20. In the morning I was so worried I ran out to see if he was still alive.
Not only was he smiling, he had grown an inch of new fuzz overnight!!!
Animals continually amaze me.

Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like winter brings lots of excitement your way (ha). I could use a little cold weather around here, but that's easy to say as all of our pets' water is inside. Can't wait to see the afghan photos!