Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sealed for your protection

Actual knitting and fiber stuff to report. I knoooow!

Amidst all of the bunny stuff that fills my days, I have slowly been chugging away on two projects. One is another afghan, again with mostly handspun. I've completed these twelve log cabin blocks, and I have dyed some KnitPicks worsted weight wool a dark gray to make all the connective bits and the border.

While I was waiting for that yarn to dry, I picked up this shawl that I have been fiddling with for a couple of weeks. I used Cherry Hill Baby Loop mohair (maybe 500 yards) and size 10.5 needles.

I began at the point and used the washcloth pattern of a yarn over increase at the beginning of every row. On random rows I increased at both edges and/or increased two stitches in the body. Then I increased on both edges every row and sometimes two stitches in the body.

When the long edge was about 60 inches, or about 180 stitches, I (k1, yarn over-ed) all across the long edge, making about 360 stitches. One row plain. Another increase row, this time k2, yo. 540 stitches. Two rows plain. Again with the increase row, but this time I k3, then knit through the front and back of the next stitch. I think that makes close to 675 stitches, give or take. I did not actually count.

All I had were 24" circulars in the right size and it was getting crowded, so, two more plain rows were followed by a crocheted bind off. Like the afghan blocks, it was all garter stitch - all the time. I have needed me some vanilla (mindless) knitting lately.

I think it looks pretty damn cool, if'ns I do say so myself. The point folds over at the back and becomes the center back of the collar. Very becoming.

The North American International Livestock Exposition is in Louisville for the next two weeks. Blue Acorn, Hippy Art Chick, Victoria of Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival, little ol' me, and others, have joined in the cooperative effort to staff and stock two booths (at great expense, let me tell ya,) in the West Wing. I'll be in the booth two days this week and will try to get some photos for you all. It's kinda a big event, from what I hear.


Helena Handbasket said...

I love the wrap -- 'tis lovely!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, that's a gorgeous wrap! And I love your blanket blocks.