Monday, December 08, 2008


Please excuse me while I catch up on 10 years of Interweb videos. Ha ha, Sneezing Panda. Play it again! Again!!

No, really, I have been doing an inordinate amount of surfing since we got the high speed thingie. I am totally amazed. Still.

Otherwise on the home front, I have a Problem Cat and her name is Millie. While Sweetie and I attended the Friendship Spinners meeting at Shaker Village, Millie took the opportunity to kill the smaller of the two neonates. I know!

I have left the bunny cage door open for the last several days. I had no fear that anything would harm the babies; especially not our kitties.

We got home Saturday night at eleven, and I attended to the barn bunnies, the Buster, and the cats needs. Then I checked on the babies. When I found only the one, I tore the nest and cage apart looking for any sort of sign or body part that would explain the disappearance. Sweetie and I were both flummoxed. But like Sherlock Holmes said, Even if it is improbable, it has to be that thing. (I paraphrase.)

It also explains the fate of the Wildie. I thought that he had slipped outside through the gap under the back door in October. But then Sweetie smelled something dead upstairs in the part of the house we use for storage. Couldn't find anything, so we thought maybe a mouse, a bird, even a squirrel. I did not suspect the cats because both Reeses and Millie have been around bunnies all the time and I have never seen either of them harm a rabbit at all. Try to play with, chase, slightly torment - yes. Injure - no. But there was disappearance. Then smell.

It has to be Millie. There can be no other culprit but her. She is a kitty, a predator, and in spite of our civilizing influence, nature apparently won out. She loves to bring us dead pygmy shrews and the occasional dead bird. She did chase the Wildie around and chases Heizen still.

Right now, cage doors are shut and she is being kept inside.

I have to wonder what influence the Evil Cat may have had on her. Maybe its behavior led her to believe that the really little ones are somehow fair game. I don't know.

But I do know that Millie has to go somewhere else to live. Any one need a good mouser?


Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

I do think it has to do with size. Sparkles would not think of really doing more than a little harrassing of Smokeyblue who looked huge as he was 10 pounds plus 6 inches of fuzz.
However, even though SB taught him a lot he did bring in a wee baby bunny from the wild. Fortunately I was home, heard the mewling and saved the buns. But it did let me know that nature will out if the size is right.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see you at Shaker Village. I'm sorry the cost was so high.