Monday, May 12, 2008

Not for Home Use

Back and recovering from the fiber festival weekend. The over-stimulus of these events does me in every time. The drive to Troy, Ohio was longer than I anticipated and the rain and horrible traffic didn't help. I arrived 90 minutes later than planned, wrung out. Hippie Art Chick (HAC) and I made the wise choice of a Super 8 Motel over camping in the rain and cold. The machete was not needed after all.

The show was good for me; I made my nut and more. Other vendors were not so fortunate. Fuzzarelly Fibers was the only booth offering brightly colored angora blends, plus discounted knitting needles. There were a lot of dyed sock yarn and roving and one interesting booth with arty totes. HAC has the best designs for rug hooking that I have ever seen.

The fairgrounds were nice. (I wish my county had such nice facilities!) This was the second annual Upper Valley Whatever, and I think I will return next year when it will be earlier in the year and a two-day thing.

My wares are not cheap (but not outrageous, either) and they are different. Those that drooled but didn't/couldn't buy may very well save their pennies and buy from me next time. Time it takes, young Jedi.

The only thing I bought was a sock darning egg-on-a-handle from the folks at SisterMade. (Maid?) Sweetie is hard on his socks, and we are frugal, so I do mend the ones I hand knit for him.

Zippiknits asked - what in the world did I do to my arm? It happened whilst I was clipping Sugar last week. With small, very sharp and pointed scissors. (If you would like a pair, let me know as I am a Gingher dealer. Then you too can stab yourself in the arm.) Somehow Sugar jumped and I grabbed and the next thing I knew, the scissors had jabbed me and the blood fountain began. It didn't get an artery, but rather a vein - possibly. I think the stab was maybe a half to three-quarter inches deep. Thank goodness that I have that padding of fat that comes with Ethel Merman underarms. The wound isn't infected so I expect the bruise will be gone shortly. When folks asked about it, I told them that I cut myself shaving.

Winehouse's babies are thriving. All of them. Amy has taken to chasing the cats - Millie especially, which just cracks me up as Millie is a constant torment to Reese's. Turnabout = fair play.


Helena Handbasket said...

Special you are. Heal you must or choke you I will.

Hee hee.

Can I tell Winehouse's "biological" mom to check her and the niblets out?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you did well in Troy; I worried about you and the camping and all, and sometimes hotels even come with horror stories! But you're back home safe and all's well. It's a good thing you heal quickly...
Nancy NeverSwept

zippiknits said...

The show news is good, and yes, it takes time to build that customer base, so it does. :) Glad you did wellish and fair grounds beat open sided malls.. yep, I've done them, with jewelry. Scary I tell you.

Thanks for answering about the impromptu (improv?) surgery you performed. Say, you got a vein, probably? Nice jab! It really isn't all that easy to get one, judging from the jabs you get in the OR prep areas in most cities. gah! Heal, rest and heal.. your mantra for this month.