Monday, May 19, 2008

May Cause Upset Stomach

Zippiknits asked about putting the partly knit shawl on a thread. Yes, I took it off the needles and placed it on a long piece of yarn. Not toooo scary, and I made only two, easily fixed boo boos in the process. But I had to do it. Not knowing how big it had become was driving me to crazy. (Crazy: Take exit 112)

The Azalea pattern is about the easiest lace pattern I've done. It is a twelve row repeat, and every other row is plain knit. Very sweet. And the six rows of pattern are so logical that I have not made any mistakes. That I know of. (Ms. Kinzel is known for her well-edited patterns.) There are 4 row patterns that I seem incapable of doing. But this? Piece o' cake. Really! Lace is not that hard, it just looks like it.

Bought a new weed eater this weekend and I took pictures of the pretty yard. Also took a snap of the barn. I looked for and found an actual photograph of the same barn from when we moved here, 1994.

We may not have fixed it up as much as I would like, but at least we have not let it deteriorate much.

Back then, the barn, and the back yard, contained so much junk and nasty stuff that we got $500 off the asking price because we said we'd deal with it. When I pulled a deer leg, old and dirty Pampers, and moldy bags of clothing out of a trash pile, I wished we had paid the extra money. My stomach is strong but some of this stuff was way past narsty.


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
And links to your blog please.
Waited for your reply.


Okay, I now have word verification. So sorry, but posts like the one from miumiu I do not like or appreciate.


Knitting Linguist said...

Yeurgh. I hate cleaning up other people's yuckiness... The shawl is looking lovely!

You can delete that comment from miumiu, if you want... (when you view comments, you can go to the trashcan and click on it, and choose "delete forever")

shansays said...

Agreed on the Miumiu "thing". Very confusing and annoying. For months on one of our yahoo list we kept getting notes from a biker chick who wanted to befriend us. The shawl looks lovely, and makes me want to knit:)

The only knitting I have done lately has been on the subway, but I am about 6 stops away from turning a heel, and I am doing two socks on magic loop:)

Big hug,


Lisa said...

Commenting on several posts at once:

1. The shawl is fabolicious. I keep eyeing that pattern, but I'm thinking I'll only make half. Except that means I'd have to purl...maybe not such a good idea.

2. Love, love, LOVE the babies!! Such perfection. I want some. But my Jack Russell Terror would want them too, alas.

3. Winehouse--what a perfect name! Does she spit on reporters?

4. (You haven't actually written this post yet, but I'm covering it all at once. ;-) ) Ask for a stress test with the dye stuff (if you're not allergic.) It's the only way to be sure (channelling Ripley in "Aliens".)

5. I finished spinning part of what you sent me. I'm waiting for someone to take a picture for me. I'm too stoopid to get good pics.

6. I'm hoping to make it to Hoosier Hills so I can see more of your stuff, but we have a family graduation in WVa that weekend, so I just don't know.

7. Umm...I think that's all for the moment.

8. No, wait! I'm so sorry about your recent bunny losses and your idjit neighbor. Can't hate the dog too much; he's just doing what they do. But the neighbor is an idjit.