Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bake for 23-27 minutes.


I bought two pullets at the Tractor Supply Store Tuesday. Pullets are female chickens and they cost more. $5 for the two. I'm not sure what breed they are, but there were hundreds of the little cheep cheeps calling my name and I felt righteous coming home with only two.

They made me realize how grown the bantys were when I got them (the last five left,) because these new chicks were all of one or two days old, all fuzz and no feathers. They are doing fine so far; eating, drinking water, staying under the lamp. They are living on the front porch in the bunny hutch.

The bantys are so grown up! I placed a small tub and a discarded cabinet drawer in their tractor today in case they wanted to nest or something. They loved it! And I love the little noises they make. Sat out in the sun with them this morning, listening to them and soaking in the rays.

Tomorrow, I leave for the Upper Valley Fiber Fest in Troy, Ohio. Just south of Peek-wah. Also spelled Piqua. I have set my sales goal at a mere $400 gross. Sometimes, one just has to Show Up.

Just to inform you as to how behind the times I am, I heard a great song on the radio the other day, and all I understood of the hook was, "lim bull of asher on the 45." It took a few minutes to search youtube and google, but I found the song! Bless these interwebs! And pop music lives!

Brimful of Asha.


Knitting Linguist said...

Oh my goodness, they're so tiny! My younger daughter's school just hatched out a whole batch of chicks and are now raising the chickens for eggs in their little barnyard -- they do grow quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzarelly.

I grew up listening to the curious sound of contented chicks around a brooder and adult hens in a coop on a sunny day.

Very nice memories.

Mountain Man

Valerie said...

I really rely on you for these heavy doses of cuteness... gets me through the day!

Valerie said...

Fun song, too.

anniebelle said...

Fuzzarelly, I just foud yor blog through Shay's (Little Gray Bungalow) I've read through all your post's and while there are a lot of differances between us there is even more that we have in common. Anyway, I have a question about your lovely fibers. Where can I find spun skiens for kniotting? Especially Bunny and the Beast, your dying is amazingly beautiful.

Nancy S. in Jacksonville Forida

zippiknits said...

Bantums were my favorite little chickens. Once I had to raise 12 of them, from tiny buttons of fuzz all the way up, when their mama died unexpectedly. This brings back memories. Sweet ones, really, even though Hennie died. Thanks for all the pictures of critters and Spring sproinging, and the delicious yarns .. Yum!