Sunday, May 17, 2009

With Moisturizers

Thanks, every one, for your kind comments regarding Sweetie's situation. And mine.

Sweetie is a maintenance mechanic, and I will not go into the sordid details of his firing after 13 years on the job. He acted honorably; he did not throw anybody under the bus. His local bosses all like him and wanted him to stay, but when the axe fell, it came from corporate headquarters.

He will find another job. We will do the Cobra thing with the insurance until then. He received his vacation pay. He has two apps in and has applied for unemployment. Financially, we are in okay shape.

Meantime, he has been home and was a nervous wreck until Thursday's call made it final. What a relief to have it over.

And, yeah, we are okay with this. We don't have car payments or credit card debt. The mortgage payments for the rental property are small. We may eat rice and beans one night and beans and rice the next, though. He hasn't been happy for the last two years and has sporadically looked for other work. He's been run ragged and when at home, he just sleeps. I hardly saw him. He has worked second shift most of his time there so I am happy to have him home in the evenings. It's odd to have him here. We've been sitting on the front porch enjoying life and each other. And the bunnies. And the chickens. And the cats. And the dog. He has been cleaning the house. (!)

I want him to visit his mom and sister in Georgia next week, especially since his brother is staying with them since his dismissal a month ago from his job in NYC.

I want Sweetie to have a life again.

I want Sweetie to be in my life more.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

Sounds like a fairly normal adjustment period to me. I'm glad no one is freaking out. Enjoy the time together.

Hugs, Euphoria

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

I am so glad Sweetie will have time to visit his family and is sitting with you enjoying life again.
The silver lining is always there and you are definitely seeing it. Blessings.

Helena Handbag said...

Smooches to you.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad things are going to be OK, and that maybe this is a chance to rearrange things to stay more OK (but it's so hard when the timing is on someone else's schedule, rather than your own!). Rice and beans are good. If you can add the occasional salsa and beer, they can be great :)

zippiknits said...

Rice and beans and then beans and rice. Did you say you have chickens? ;o)

Losing a job is traumatizing, so the busier he stays the better. That's a first good step at keeping an energy level up. I know to guys who have lost jobs that have sort of given up.. not good! Here's to the future with a better situation! Isn't it nice to sit on the porch and watch the stars come out? Hugs to you both.