Saturday, June 13, 2009

100% PURE

Look at this. Six little babies, quite unexpected. I blame Sweetie.

Not in that way, you preverts!

No, about 31 days ago, Bunny AnnaBelle was allowed to roam in the back yard enclosure for a day or two, because Sweetie thought it would "be good for her." It was long enough for an outside bunny, most likely Smokey, to call on her in a gentlemanly way.

Me, I had no idea.

I found the little guys in a half-assed nest of fur and hay, which was better than mom had made last time, shortly after their birth. I brought them inside, as AnnaBelle was in the Palatial Summer Cottage with five other bunny girls. Two of the kits that I thought wouldn't last the morning are hanging in there and still alive this evening. I have brought mom inside to nurse them, which has happened, and so we shall see what happens.

Smokey's mother is Claudia, a Netherland Dwarf, and his daddy was an angora. (Percival? I can't remember.) So I have no idea what these little babies will grow up to be. One is definitely black and three are white. The other two are the iffy ones and I cannot make any predictions about them. They may or may not be fuzzy, or small.

Princess is making herself at home. What a good dog she is.

And the socks? I unraveled them. They were too small and wouldn't go over my heel. Sigh.


shansays said...

OH, I love Princess. Aren't dogs great:) Working, working, and more working.

Big Hug,


zippiknits said...

Oh my, aren't baby bunnies adorable? They do surprise you from time to time. How big is the daddy?

I really love dogs so the picture of Princess is a lovely sight.

Not all that work on the socks gone! Gah! Could you just modify that heel, or is it all gone now?

Valerie said...

Dratted socks. Good luck with the next attempt!

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow, new babies all over the place! Princess looks like a real doll :) And I'm glad that the baby buns are doing all right!