Monday, August 31, 2009

25% off

It has been a rough day.

It started out well enough, with vacation plans to New Mexico in the works, errands to be run, chickens on the front porch. We call them the Gang of Four, the two banty roosters and the two larger hens.

But all is not well. Last week, we filed papers to evict our renter, who has paid rent scantily and intermittently for the past year. Last month, we all agreed that if he just left by the end of August, we would call it even. Just Leave. How fair is that? When we found out that he was making no plans whatsoever to vacate, we filed the papers. We have been way too nice.

This morning, on our way out our driveway, he pulled in and presented us with a totally bogus bill for the "work" he has done for us on the property, in exchange for rent. $4700! Asswipe. Giving us a bill is bull, as he needs to file a counterclaim in court, which I am sure he will not do. Because it costs money.

Still, it upset Sweetie to no end and it was all I could do to calm him. Now, I am upset.

The hearing for eviction is September 30, so our plans for a vacation are now on hold, not wanting to leave our own home vulnerable to his mischief. It sucks. He may have occupancy until the end of October; this is how eviction works in Indiana.

However, once the property is free of him, I plan to move my fiber operations there. It is a whole 1000 feet away. We will not rent it again, as we have had to evict the last three tenants. We will hang on to it, then sell when the market is better.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear. That's just the final straw. After all that's gone on with unemployment, and deadbeat-ism of the tenant, now the compensation of a little get-away gets yanked! One wishes for life to be less unfair, but usually one is just pissing into the wind. My condolences, and hopes that conditions will improve.
Nancy NeverSwept


Thanks, Nancy. I appreciate your concern. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. We will eventually be just fine.


Knitting Linguist said...

Nuts. That just sucks! I don't know why, but having to miss your vacation just seems to add insult to injury. I hope this gets resolved VERY soon...

k said...

I think you summed it up very succinctly.
Things will get better, because you keep trying.

k said...

Are you going to use that picture for your christmas card/letter?


If I sent one out, I guess it would be almost perfect. A bunny, now that would be perfect.