Saturday, September 05, 2009

Keep refrigerated.

I am the most sober person on our property right now, even though I am making a valiant effort to catch up. It is a very weird situation. A neighbor friend came by earlier this afternoon, and he was already lit. After drinking vodka shots with Sweetie, who drank bourbon and seven, our friend passed out on the front porch. Sweetie came inside, tipsy, and has gone to the back room to watch the allies kill the germans, or whatever the history channel is airing. ("Who are we killing today," is my stock question when I wander back there.)

But our pie-eyed friend is in a drunken stupor, railing against someone that has made him very angry, (the world); he is swearing and pounding fists and will not remember a bit of it tomorrow. I can hear him as I sit here. He has many demons to contend with, and I cannot help him. He's on his own.

Me? I have spent the day acquiring 20 bales of timothy hay for the bunnies, which will last them until spring, and also getting them pellets and scratch for the chickens.

Oh, and Miss Biddy and Lady Bird have been laying eggs! Six nice, big brown ones, which we will eat tomorrow for breakfast.

Preparations for the Great Trip West are underway, slowly. (See tipsy Sweetie above.) Grass needs to be cut, but first lawn mower needs to be fixed after he hit a chain cutting Evil Renter's grass last week. Nothing is ever easy around here.

However, the van is Sirius ready and generally road worthy! Yay for that, and the savings in motel rates. I am so much more prepared, and sane, than I was when we took our last trip, three years ago. I was so depressed then that I didn't even pack cold weather clothes, and there was that sudden attack of winter. All I cared about was having Murgatroyd with me. I still miss that guy!

This is what I posted back then.

Anyway, I do feel much more sane these days, and am ready for an adventure. And I have Princess this time, and she loves to travel.

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Knitting Linguist said...

Hooray for adventures, and hooray for feeling ready and up for them! It sounds like you are on your way, in terms of preparations.

The drunkenness is a bit disconcerting, though, no? Or maybe that's just because of my growing-up experiences...