Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apply to affected area.

I am here and doing well. Really!

I have been busy this past week taking care of myself and not drinking. Without the alcohol to rinse the anti-depressant out of my system, it appears to be doing its job much better. Sober and happy, that's me.

Good news, too. Sweetie had a phone hearing with the the judge and his previous (evil) employer Wednesday, and we both were on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome. He received a letter Friday saying that the denial decision was reversed, and that his benefits were reinstated back to May 2!

The Evil Company does have 18 days to appeal that verdict, as would have Sweetie, if he had still been denied, so we are not out of the woods yet. But the mood around here is hopeful, and when/if he does get those benefits, it will all come in one lump sum.

(By the way, the Evil Company is a subsidiary of Snyder's of Hanover, so, don't eat their pretzels. As a favor to me.)

In other news of this past week, Crazy Neighbor the Instigator and his friend painted our barn roof with aluminum paint. Long story short, Evil Neighbor's friends got some spray over specks of paint on their piece-of-shit vehicles because they were too stupid to move them even when alerted. One called the sheriff to file a report about the "damage" to his vehicle, after he ascertained that I had homeowner's insurance, and he filed a claim.

Here is his paint damaged van.

I spoke to the adjustor yesterday, and their claim will be denied. She told me, as an aside, that if it had been either of us, we would have just said, "Oh, well," and gone on about our business. Bad luck, bone headed move, whatever.

The roof looks great, though!


Knitting Linguist said...

Some days you just can't win for trying. But the rest of the news sounds good! I'm glad to hear that you're having a better week. One day at a time, right? Keep truckin', and keep writing updates; it's good to know that you're OK.

Helen said...

Oh good :)


Yes, KL, Keeping it simple, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift.

And, thank you Helen!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I flunked the word test. I hope I pass this one because I want to tell you that I am happy to hear from you. Despite spite and malice, you are doing well. That is awesome.


J Dragon said...

Nancy, I am just catching up w/you and am saddened to read of your struggle and glad to see you fight against old demons. I was there 16 years ago and know that you have the grit to face the worst and pull yourself out of this trough of despair with every line you write, every hank you spin, and every friend you reach out to to vanquish this foe.

Helena Handbag said...

Love you, O Valiant One. Many smooches to you.