Thursday, October 01, 2009

May Cause Spasms in Legs.

It's Good News Thursday!

First, I discovered seven baby bunnies outside - seven tiny and fluffy bits of loveliness that seem to have both angora genes from Steve and dwarf genes from Smoky via Claudia. I captured them, way way too easily, and will keep them safe inside for three or four weeks. Right now, they are bite sized snacks for any and all predators. Bunny McNuggets. They are so absolutely adorable.

And Sweetie? He got himself a JOB and he starts Monday! It seems to be a good job, too, doing the maintenance mechanic thing at a paper recycling company in Louisville. At a pay scale of about what he had been making, and, with insurance. Yippee and Yay! Fuzzarelly gets her house back!

I picked up three adult angora bunnies from Brigitte Guffey yesterday, who is downsizing her animal operation in order to focus more on the fiber mill. She and her husband John will have a booth at the Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival October 16 and 17.

Finally, and I do mean finally, at long last, our Evil Renter has moved out. Court date was yesterday, and I have to say that I really respect and love our Judge Davis. The room was packed with people, but he methodically went through every case and got to the heart of each one in record time. He didn't put up with bullshit from anybody, and with evictions? There is a lot of bullshit flung about. Our case was heard, Evil Renter was there, facts were stated and so the judge asked if both parties would settle and call it even. We said we would, but the Evil Renter said no, he wanted to fight us. The judge was taken aback, but whatever, another court date was set for November to thrash it out.

And I just got an order from The Woolery for more Bunny & The Beast!


Mouse said...

"bunny mcnuggets" just made me LOL and snort my coffee.

Susan (and SmokeyBlue in spirit) said...

Banner Day!!!!
Hugs to Sweetie.
Pets to the newbies
and lots of pats to you.

Helen said...

Thta's great about Sweetie's job, I'm so glad to hear it :)


Thank you Susan, I will now have the opportunity to make more goodies for you!

It is angora season!


Thanks, Helen. You are not as happy as I am!

Knitting Linguist said...

yay, oh yay!! Frabjous day :) That's all just wonderful news for all of you -- yippee!