Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Receipt is Acknowledged.

Sweetie is still employed, although the company is so new that they have no refrigerator or microwave, and he thought it prudent to bring in a roll of toilet paper when he didn't see a reserve supply.

Yesterday, they handed him a beverage cooler with two outlets in it, and told him to install them. "Where? And to what wires? I can do wiring, but I need wires first."

He seems to be thriving in that environment, though, and I am likewise doing quite well. Imagine my Enormous Grin.

What I love best about him working is the quiet here in the house. (Well, the money is technically in first place.) Not silence, because there is that mockingbird on the chimney, a little traffic noise, the roosters, high flying jets, the breeze rustling the brittle leaves, a distant dog barking, the indoor rabbits licking their water bottles, and the electric hum that seems to always always in my head. But it is quiet.

My body and my brain are happy.

Like Knitting Linguist wrote in comments, How can I miss you if you never leave?

I am not to the point yet of missing him, but that will come with time.


Knitting Linguist said...

Heh. Meanwhile, it's easier to fake it when he gets home at night ;) Rick works at home now, and you can imagine how much I miss those quiet days I used to have on my breaks from the office! :)

zippiknits said...

My hubby is away dealing with Mama Drama for several hours a day, and I think I like this a lot. But it's true, how can you miss them if they are never gone?