Sunday, November 01, 2009

Buy Now, Don't Pay for 90 Days

Alright, Helena, here are the socks, along with The Handsome Shawl, in progress. I used the common heel, which does not involve turning, but rather kitchenering, because it is more durable. Heels are where I wear my socks out first, every single time. The shawl is maybe 2/3s done.

Princess loves surveying her domain from my knitting chair, when I am not in it.

This is Steve, fuzzy in more ways than one. I don't clip him because 1) I probably couldn't catch him, ii) He appears to shed as needed, and C) it protects him from Smoky attacks.

A study in Feathers and Leaves.


Valerie said...

Catching up as Bloglines continues to belatedly throw batches of your posts at me!

Good on you for many tough days of sobriety. A close family member also struggles with alcohol and depression so I have some familiarity, but only from the outside. Enough to know it's a bitch and two halves. Really intrigued by the Orange Papers site. Being an atheist, I will have to read more.

I'm interested to see if I can get my Mac to read blogs to me, too. That might keep me a bit more up to date. Well, that and a WORKING BLOGREADER ARGH.

Anonymous said...

You like Peyton Manning??? Really?!! I think he practices his interviews in the mirror... daily.

OK. I'm going to try and coax my laptop into reading to me. It's not a Mac so I assume I'm SOOL. I'll try anyway. It could happen...


Helena Handbag said...

Awwww, sweetie Princess!