Monday, December 07, 2009

Not Responsible for Items Left in Vehicle.

There was our first snow on the ground this morning! Not much, a mere dusting, but still ~ I liked seeing it.

And it is about time, as it is well into December.

The temps are just above freezing again, so tending the barn bunnies will be more comfortable. When it gets really cold, their water bottles/crocks freeze solid, and without water, bunnies won't eat. When it gets very cold, I take a bucket and a big jug of hot tap water out there. I thaw the bottles/crocks in the bucket and then fill them up from the jug. I wear rubber gloves to keep my hands from becoming finger-cicles. So far, they are all doing well, but there is more coldness in store for later in the week. Angoras take the cold better that they do the heat of summer.

I went to the Friendship SpinnersRetreat at Shakertown (Pleasant Hill, KY) this past Saturday. It was wonderful to see such a turnout there, larger than I have seen in the last few years. I wore the fresh-from-the-oven Artisan Vest.

The metal buttons are from a denim dress that I bought at a thrift store in Springfield, MO earlier this year. (Remember my truncated vacation?) I like this vest very much. It is the perfect around-the-house, keep-me-warm garment that is also well-suited to public viewing.

My gauge tightened up somewhat about a quarter of the way through it, which worked out okay. It is a bit scant in the bust area, but a better blocking should eliminate the gappage that occurred upon first wearing, (which didn't look awful, but rather, artful.) I mean really, I blocked it Friday night, and sewed on the buttons Saturday morning - and it looked damn good. It hits me knuckle length, which for my size, is perfect.

Thank you Lynne for the bread/cake. Sweetie inhaled almost all of it immediately when I got home, but I did get a taste. Yum.

Thank you, NancyNeverSwept for the handwoven towel in those wonderful colors of turquoise/black/hot pink. I love it! Congratulations on achieving Crone-hood!

I was totally remiss in gift giving this year. But to be honest, it was about all I could to do forklift my ass out of the house and actually attend the meeting. My isolating tendencies hold sway especially during these dark, cold months. I don't do holidays of any sort very well. I love this post from Bizarro, as he pretty much echos my feelings about the commercialization of Ecksmas.

Last year, I sent out hand-made Bunny Pop-Up holiday cards, and I hope to maybe, possibly, do something similar this year. Just don't hold yer breath.


Knitting Linguist said...

The vest is wonderful! The colors are perfect together, and I bet it looks great on you. I'm glad you made it to your meeting; it sounds like an excellent gathering.

Mouse said...

Love your vest! I have a lot of scraps and I really should try to make something similar.



Overdyeing is a wonderful thing to make all those scraps belong together.

Helen said...

I didn't get any cards done last year: this year I really really must. Congratulations on getting your *ss to the meeting, that's the main thing.

vloula said...

overdying turned out great (of course!) what a lovely vest :)