Sunday, April 05, 2009

Vented Wide Mouth

A ha! My name is cleared! Even though I am still Carazeee.

The dog I shot at was a boxer type. The dog that Sweetie saw with the two wounds was - a pit bull. Things have come to light and I feel much better. There are witnesses that say my shot was two feet over the boxer's head anyway.

Apparently, another irate neighbor shot the pit bull at about the same time that I had my little adventure with the boxer.

Life in a small town. I tell ya. Too much damn fun.


Shay said...

Tell sweetie to give you the weapon back.

(I will not say "gun" since technically that only applies to armaments on Navy ships and not only am I a retired Marine, I am anal).

The radar maps show some NASTY weather in your neck of the woods, take care!

rabbitIng said...

oh gosh, golly! you do live an interesting life! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

You should not have to defend yourself for your actions to protect your property.

People who allow their animals to roam out of control are the people who should be held accountable, both for your well-being and that of their animals. Isn't it tragically odd to be considered crazy when we defend what is right?

Just like many of your on-the-road photos, our collective understanding of how to think and behave is deteriorating, I believe past the point of no return.

Take care of yourself!

Mountain Man