Friday, July 31, 2009

Extra Strength


My hand is back to normal, but I am still careful for it. What a bizarre injury that was.

I have actually been working in the studio. I knoooow! The first day at the drum carder, after taking a break, is always hell on my legs, because of shin splints from back in the costume-house days, where I spent hours standing on concrete floors. After the first day, it becomes bearable. I keep meaning to bring in a stool from the barn. Dang it.

I also completed the pattern for Fuzzarelly's Cloche Hat, with 2 variations. I seem to be getting better at this pattern thing. Also the NeoOffice thing, which is the word processing application I use.

Click for very big.

Our cash is so low that I have been buying groceries and gas with the credit card. I was ready to start paying the utilities with it, too. But, Halloo and Hallay! Sweetie's 401k money has arrived, much more quickly that I imagined.

I told Sweetie that he still needed to get a job, however.

I am going to offer some few things for sale here or on eBay. Handspun. I'll post about it when I get my crap together.

Oh, and before I forget. This is my new email address: fuzzarelly dot mckellar at gee male dot com.


rabbitIng said...

oh my, you have been through it, haven't you? i'm sure that you'll soon be 'cooking with gas' again, ie, everything will come out right. in the meantime, very best wishes for an immediate improvement all round! :)

zippiknits said...

Ok I got that email nailed.

Glad your hand is better now, but I'll bet that the drum carder is hard to do. Glad some money flew in faster than expected, and I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for sweetie to find work soon!

zippiknits said...

Oh, and go get that stool out of the barn, ya hear? ;)

Judy said...

Fuzz, You can relieve lower back by putting one foot on a box or milk carton or shelf nearby. Sorry for the cement floors. the dragon