Monday, January 04, 2010

Made in the USA

To ring in the New Year, I acquired a playmate for Princess.

I know. I know. Like I don't have enough shit to take care of as it is. But when there are already 24 barn bunnies, 10 or so yard and house bunnies, 2 cats, 4 chickens and 1 dog - what's one more?

Meet Fugsley, whom I have dubbed the Ugliest Dog in the World, yet she is also among the Sweetest Dogs Ever, rivaling the Princess herself. It it hard to capture her ugliness, which is part bull dog and parts unknown. Dachshund? Beagle? She has a mere tail stub, large polka dot ears, and a left rear quarter panel in brown brindle while the rest of her is mostly white. With spots. Her front paws point outwards like a ballerina's. Estimated age is 9 months, and she appeared on a big-town woman's porch about sicks months ago ~ from who knows where. She comes to me from one of the local, private dog shelters that is trying to place several of their charges in the face of economic hard times.

I've had two dogs at once in the past, and have rather missed the raucous play that two canines are capable of. The running, barking, and tussling. We have spent the last three nights on the couch, as Fugsley is not quite house broken, so I can take her out at frozen hours of the night to relieve herself.

Oh, and yes, like much of the midwest, southwest, east, southeast, etc., we are in the throes of minus 32ยบ temperatures, day and night, and shall be for the neckst week, at least. Caring for the outside critters is no fun, although they all seem to be taking it in stride. Big red hen has been giving me an egg just about every day.

In other news, I took several stairs at once, out in the barn, when one foot flew forward and my amply padded behind went bump, bump, bump, and bump. There is a bruise the size of my hand on my left cheek. It hurt like hell, but I am mostly over the Shaken Baby Syndrome. Still have a bit of a headache, but nothing is broken and that is a good thang.

It is difficult to take a good picture of one's behind without a tripod and a timer. Hope this isn't tmi.


Helena Handbag said...

I'm just glad you came out of it in one piece, Semi-P!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself badly. My mom took a tumble Christmas night at my sisters house. Her shoulder is still giving her trouble.

Be careful and stay in one piece. We don't want to see you broken.

Hugs, Euphoria

Knitting Linguist said...

Yeaurgh! That's a huge bruise! I've done that before, and I know *just* how much it can hurt -- take care of yourself.

That is one wonderful dog. Congratulations on the new addition (maybe Dalmation?) :)

Helen said...

I'm not much on dogs but those polka dot ears could win me round. And it might be tmi but people don't have to click if they don't want to :)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the biggest laugh I've had so far this year; that was one baad picture!
And you are a saint to take in another dog. Good homes are so needed and yours is one of the best.
Nancy NeverSwept

Helena Handbag said...

My first thought was that there's some Dalmatian in Fugsley somewhere. So I would heartily vote with the Knitting Linguist on that one.

The Other Nancy said...

I actually think she is cute! We really need to get Freckles, Princess and Fugsley together.


Nancy, actually, they already have played together, while you were in hospital.